Fox Insurance & Partners

5040 W Diversey
Chicago, IL 60639

708-669-7055 - O
708-575-0890 - F

"Excellence... nothing less"

Founded in 2017 with experience in the field of over 20 years
Rick H. - Co Founder and COO

* 17 years of Insurance experience
* Specialize in Business Coverage; small businesses and mid market 
* I love working with the community, looking for solutions, and createing relationships
Drew O'Donnell - Commercial Account Executive/ Agent
* Over 4 years of intensive Commercial Account Management
* 15 years of Individualized Customer Relations Management
* Specialize in Commercial and Personal Risk Management

* I enjoy building relationships while protecting my clients' assets
Marlon Steven Morales - Spokesman &Marketing
* Over 15 years of Artistic and Public media
* Specialize in Innovated Artistic Management and Spokesman Management
* Over 10 years working  with Music, Media and Publicity

* I enjoy working with communities and establishing relationships